• Vacation in the Historic Philadelphia

  • Posted on July 20, 2017
  • The city of Philadelphia has played a key role in the history of the United States of America.  This is where the founding fathers met before signing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  There were multiple battles fought there and it even served as a temporary capital of the United States while Washington D.C. was undergoing construction.  

    Here are 4 historical sites that everyone needs to see while in Philadelphia:

    1. Eastern State Penitentiary

    This is where people went after the Revolution when they committed a crime.  Benjamin Franklin had been trying to find a way to reform criminals instead of only punishing them and he had the cells designed so that the prisoners would have no human contact.  His goal was to reform them since they had nothing to do but wallow in their own thoughts.  People can walk through this building and it even hosts a haunted house attraction inside every year in the fall.  

    2. Independence Hall

    This is the building where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and adopted the Constitution.  Many people want to visit this building in hopes that these documents are on display there, but they would all be disappointed if they went just for that, because they are in the National Archives in Washington D.C.  

    3. Benjamin Franklin Museum

    Benjamin Franklin was loved by everyone in Philadelphia and that is evident wherever a person goes, because at least one thing on every block is named after him.  The museum is filled with items from his life as well as what he created and how he lived.  He did a lot in his lifetime before he even became President of the United States.  A few of the amazing things that he did include publishing the Onion paper in the 18th century, set up a new form of government, proved that lighting was indeed a form of electricity, and invented modern hospitals, the postal service, libraries, and public colleges.  

    4. Liberty Bell

    An iconic symbol of American independence is the Liberty Bell.  This bell used to be in the steeple of Independence Hall, but it is now located in Independence National Historical Park.  The bell was commissioned in 1752 and the crack first appeared when it was rung as it arrived in Philadelphia.  The bell was recast twice for the cracks and the large crack appeared in the early 19th century.  According to the legend, the crack occurred after the bell was rung after the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835.  While the bell did travel to different events over the years, that travel was eventually stopped because too many people were trying to chip off a piece of history.  

    Philadelphia is the most meaningful city in America’s history after Washington D.C. and people should travel there at least once in their lifetime.  The about of information that people can learn from this city is amazing and everyone will go home feeling more patriotic than when they arrived.

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